Meditation Retreats

We practice daily morning meditations at our center and offer residential meditation retreats throughout the year.

In our meditation retreats we focus on vipassana meditation which we complement with other techniques to ease the meditation process.

Vipassana is often translated as 'insight' or 'to see things as they really are'. Through practicing "awareness of breathing", a state of mindfulness and inner calm is generated. Combined with the contemplation of impermanence as observed in the bodily and mental changes, deeper insights about oneself and the nature of this reality are revealed.

The other techniques we practice, like Osho’s Kundalini meditation and dance, help to calm the mind and center awareness to assist the meditation process.

We offer daily open meditation practice, a weekly guided meditation class, and regularly run 3 to 10-days vipassana meditation retreats.

Retreats and classes are open to beginners and experienced meditation practitioners alike.

Recurring classes

  • Monday to Friday 7-8 am open meditation session (not guided)
  • Wednesdays 6 pm guided meditation session

Upcoming Events

Meditation retreat
9:00 am
5 Days

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