Dhiraj & Luz

Hi, we are Dhiraj and Luz, the founders of Pachamama center Slovenia. Dhiraj is a hands-on expert in ecological building techniques and leads the morning meditation sessions and vipassana retreats. Luz is the 'mama' of Pachamama and takes care of the gardens, cooking, and art projects and is often busy drying herbs and making natural soaps.

Pachamama Center

The vision of Pachamama Center is to be a meditation and ecological project where we can live a simple and mindful life in harmony with nature. We welcome visitors, volunteers, and lengthly stays for people who want to join our way of life. We see ourselves as one big family!

We try to live a healthy and natural lifestyle at Pachamama. To us this means eating what we grow, getting your hands dirty, meditation, doing creative art projects, and finding joy in the simple activities of daily life.

Daily life at Pachamama look usually something like this:

  • 7am vipassana meditation
  • 8am breakfast
  • 9am working on one of the many artistic or building projects
  • 2pm lunch
  • 3pm free afternoons

Visitors are welcome any time and can drop-in or come after making an appointment.


Our center is located in Kunova, a small village close to Negova lake in the Municipality of Gornja Radgona in northeastern Slovenia. In the area you'll find small villages, green hills, forests, meadows, and lakes. It's a great place to enjoy nature, go swimming, hiking, and tracking. Nearby is a beautiful castle in Negova and a small lake where you can swim. We have 7 bicycles at the center if you want to go explore the area or go to the local ice cream cafe.