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All our products are handmade from natural ingredients and are certified organic. You can order your products online or visit our shop to see our full product range.

Multivitamin Cream

100% natural, rich, nourishing, and moisturizing anti-aging cream with fresh aloe vera. Regenerates the skin. Without preservatives. Suitable for all skin types.

17 euro 30 ml
33 euro 60 ml

Natural Deodorant

Natural and ecological deodorant that does not contain harmful ingredients. Contains antiperspirants of lavender and tea tree essential oils. Successfully removes the smell of sweat and has no negative effects on the body. 100% natural.

12 euro

Natural Soap

Our natural soaps are cleansing and nourishing. They are handmade with love and their delicious fragrance is balm for the soul. We only use natural ingredients and natural essential oils for fragrance.

6 euro 70 g
7 euro 100 g


Moisturizing lip ointment rich in wax, butter, and oil. Protects the lips from cold. Available as natural or colored lipstick. Suitable for children.

8 euro

Pachamama Tea

Our Pachamama tea blend is our signature tea, grown organically on our property and harvested, dried, and blended with love. 

3,50 euro 30 g
6 euro 60 g